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Cascade Mountain Range

World-renowned for skiing and backcountry recreation, Oregon’s Cascade Mountains are best known for the state’s highest and most-visited mountain, Mount Hood, and the awe-inspiring scenery in nearby Columbia River Gorge.

  • 250 miles of the Cascade Mountains extend between Oregon’s borders.
  • The Oregon Cascades are best known for Mount Hood and the Columbia River Gorge.
  • Snow sports, water sports, sightseeing, camping, and photography are just a few of the abundant recreational opportunities these mountains provide.


About 250 miles of the Cascade Range’s 700-mile span lies within Oregon’s borders. Running parallel to the Pacific Ocean’s shore, this mountain range is populated with a series of dormant volcanoes, one of which is Mount Hood in north central Oregon. Mount Hood is the fourth-highest peak in the Cascades, and the tallest in Oregon at 11,249 feet.

The glacial Cascade Mountains are globally recognized for their beauty as well as for the recreational opportunities their peaks, valleys, rivers, and lakes afford. Heavy snowfall creates prime ski conditions and feeds wild rivers and snow lakes in the mountainous region, which in turn form a veritable playground for enjoying the full range of outdoor recreation.

Location & Information

The Cascade Mountains run the entire width of central Oregon from its Washington to its California borders. The Mount Hood National Forest, within which Mount Hood’s peak rises, extends from Hood River on the Columbia River Gorge about 60 miles south to the foot of Mount Jefferson.


  • Skiing, snowboarding, and the full spectrum of snow sports.
  • Camping, hiking, backpacking, and mountain climbing.
  • Water sports, including boating, fishing, windsurfing, swimming, rafting, kayaking, and diving.
  • Scenic drives and sightseeing.
  • Nature study and photography.

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