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Cloud Cap Inn

Once reached by stagecoach, the 1889 Cloud Cap Inn, high on Mount Hood’s northeastern slopes, today forms a base for rescues and outings—it’s been closed to the public since the 1950s.

  • Located 6,000 feet up the northern face of Mount Hood on the unpaved, 14-mile Cloud Cap Road.
  • Open for tours only, the historic Inn now serves as a search and rescue base.
  • The Cloud Cap affords a stunning view of the mountain’s summit; Cooper Spur Ski Resort lies nearby.


The Cloud Cap Inn stands 6,000 feet up the northeastern flank of Oregon’s scenic Mount Hood. This crescent-shaped, log-and-shake structure was the first permanent resort lodge on the mountain. Built in 1889, the Cloud Cap Inn was once reached by rail and stagecoach, and featured an excellent dining room, accommodations for 30, flush toilets, and breathtaking views of Hood’s summit. After the lodge fell into disrepair in 1946, the Forest Service planned its demolition; but a mountain rescue group known as the Crag Rats has conducted massive renovations to maintain the Cloud Cap as a base for their rescue operations.

Today, the Cloud Cap Inn remains closed to the public, but the Crag Rats and the Forest Service do offer tours for interested parties.


Cloud Cap Inn is only reachable via Cloud Cap Road, an unpaved National Forest Service Development Road off the Mount Hood Highway. This Forest Route is sometimes closed for maintenance or snow, so call the Hood River Ranger District for information, (541) 352-6002.

Nearby Attractions & Activities

The Cloud Cap Inn is no longer a working hotel, but the facility is open for tours. Cooper Spur Ski Resort is located close by on Cooper Spur Road. Hiking and ski trails are located near the Inn as well.


The Cloud Cap Inn is constructed of logs and shakes in a one-story crescent shape. The Inn’s appearance is both rustic and homey, and the heavy, weathered wood-and-metal architecture brings the chalets of Switzerland or Austria’s mountain huts to mind.

Tour Reservations

To reserve a tour spot for your group, call (541) 352-6002.