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Mt Hood Glaciers

Twelve glaciers and named snowfields cover approximately eighty percent of the cone of Mount Hood above the 6800 feet level and contain vast amount of ice. Most of the glaciers have remained roughly constant in size over the last few decades, but there is some concern that global warming is now affecting them.

The twelve glaciers and named snowfields on Mt. Hood include Palmer, Coalman, White River, Newton Clark, Elliot, Langille, Coe, Ladd, Glisan, Sandy, Reid and Zigzag. Most travelers are familiar with Palmer Glacier as it is a part of the Timberline Lodge Ski area and part of the favorite climbing route up to the summit of the mountain. The largest glacier with regard to actual surface area is Coe-Ladd Glacier system.

These glaciers are responsible for the feeding of several important rivers in the Pacific Northwest. For example, the Palmer Glacier feeds the headwaters of the Salmon River, and the White River Glacier feeds the White River. Occasionally there is a larger than normal release of water from one of the glaciers which can cause flooding and property damage to the surrounding area.

Despite all the individual sites of Mount Hood, the greatest attraction for visitors and locals alike is the mountain, itself. Travel to Mount Hood and marvel at the mountain and the diverse nature life zones located there including flowers, glaciers, streams, forests and much more.

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