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Horseback Riding

More than 1,200 miles of backcountry trails network through the Mt. Hood National Forest; some permit horseback riding, and stables maintained in the Mt. Hood Villages and ski resorts allow visitors to enjoy these equestrian rides.

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  • Horseback riding offers a fun activity for the whole family to experience the Oregon Cascades.
  • Equestrian trail riding can be enjoyed on the Pacific Crest Trail and around the base of Mt. Hood.
  • Visitors can rent horses; pony and sleigh rides are also available.


Many trails run along the base of Mt. Hood and through the Mt. Hood National Forest. A good number of these are open to equestrian traffic, and horseback riding is a popular way for riders of all ages to commune with the beautiful central Oregon rainforest and alpine environment. Visitors may rent horses or bring their own; pony rides for the little ones and horse-drawn sleigh rides also are available.

Horseback Riding Around Mt. Hood

  • More than 1,200 miles of trails cross the Mt. Hood National Forest. Each trailhead has a sign clearly indicating which activities are permitted on the trail. Equestrians should check with the Visitor Information Center, (503) 622-3017 or 1 (888) 622-4822 for horseback trail information.
  • The Pacific Crest Trail stretches along the backbone of the Cascades and is open to horseback riders.
  • Two of the Mt. Hood Ski Resorts maintain stables where visitors can rent horses, and lead horseback tours around the mountain trails.
    Lost Lake, about 10 miles east of Mt. Hood on Lost Lake Road, is surrounded by trails, and some are open to equestrians.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Two of the ski resorts on Mt. Hood and stables in the Villages and near Hood River offer guided horseback tours as well as rentals, horse care, boarding, and riding lessons; visitors can discover some equestrian options by investigating the links below.