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Summer Skiing

What better way to escape the summer swelter than a day of summer skiing—slaloming down Palmer Snowfield on the slopes of Oregon’s beautiful, scenic, exhilarating Mt. Hood?

  • Ski destinations with summer seasons are scarce, but visitors to Mt. Hood can still enjoy a summer ski day.
  • Timberline Resort offers skiing on the Palmer Snowfield from June-September and a summer ski camp.
  • Rental equipment, lessons, and tours can be found around Mt. Hood.


While few North American ski destinations have the weather and elevation conditions to keep summer hours, Mt. Hood in central Oregon still offers a summer ski season. Timberline Ski Resort above historic Timberline Lodge stays open year-round for skiing on the snowfield sitting atop Palmer Glacier. Timberline sits on Mt. Hood’s south face at 6,000 feet, and the glacier sits above, accessed by the Magic Mile Sky Ride chairlift. Palmer Snowfield has amazing views and several ski trails of varying skill level, and Timberline offers a summer ski camp too.

Where to Go for Summer Skiing

Timberline Ski Resort is located about 60 miles east of Portland from the Mt. Hood Scenic Highway (US 26-E) east to Timberline Lodge Road. Timberline sits on the south face of Mount Hood at 6,000 feet.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Rental equipment and a summer ski camp are offered at Timberline, and visitors should take a look at some of the other rental options and ski tours offered by the suppliers listed on this page.