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Six ski resorts grace Mt. Hood’s gorgeous central Oregon slopes, where visitors can ride chairlifts skyward for breathtaking views, either to hit ski trails or to enjoy summertime mountain adventures.

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Over 20 attractions to choose from: bungee jump, alpine slide, batting cages, rock wall climbing, mini golf, go karts & raceway, bike trails & rentals and more.

  • Magic Mile Sky Ride is located at Timberline Ski Resort, off Highway 26 on Timberline Lodge Road.
  • Open all year for a low per-ride rate.
  • Other ski resorts on the mountain operate chairlifts in the summer months, and plans for an aerial gondola are in the works.


Mt. Hood has six unique ski resorts to choose from, most of which have chairlifts to transport visitors up the mountain’s magnificent slopes. Several of the lifts operate in the summer months for those who want to experience the views or gain access to hiking or mountain biking trails. The granddaddy of them all is the Magic Mile Sky Ride at Timberline, which takes riders to the 7,000-foot point of 11,249-foot Mt. Hood, where not only Hood’s summit but Palmer Glacier and nearby Mt. Jefferson are visible.

As of 2010, discussions are ongoing about the possibility of building an aerial gondola to connect three Mt. Hood areas—Timberline, Ski Bowl, and the new Collins Lake Resort. This aerial tram would allow visitors to park in a central spot and easily access multiple ski resorts.


The Magic Mile Sky Ride is located at Timberline Resort, which sits off US26-E (Mount Hood Scenic Highway) on Timberline Lodge Road, on the south face of Mount Hood at 6,000 feet.


The Magic Mile Sky Ride is open daily throughout the summer, normally from 10am to 4pm.


The Magic Mile Sky Ride costs $18 per person. Children (6 & under) are free.

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Other chairlifts at the remaining Mt. Hood ski resorts are open for summer mountain rides in addition to their winter ski operations; call the specific resort for information.