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When visiting Mt. Hood, Oregon in all its glory, you will have to take some time out to play the golf courses close by. With the incredible scenery as a backdrop, it will be an experience you won’t soon forget. This potentially active volcano will lend some excitement to your game Read More

Mount Hood in Oregon is home to twelve glaciers, and rises over 11,000 feet into the sky. It’s the ideal place to experience playing the golf courses in the area. Although Mt. Hood has been voted the most likely volcano to erupt in the United States, the potentiality is slim. So you don’t have to worry about that while you improve your golf game.

A few top courses are only a short distance from Mt. Hood. You can play while nestled in the western highlands in a great resort atmosphere. Just an hour southeast of Portland, you’ll find an area of intense beauty. Enjoy your golf, but don’t neglect wandering around the gorgeous national forests and dipping your feet into the crystal streams.

At Mt. Hood, many come for the wonderful ambiance and the great service at the golf resorts. You can bring the entire family. Even the kids will love it here. While you work on your game, the kids can go salmon fishing, pick berries, or just take a hike in the fresh mountain air. There’s something for everyone. You should take time out to tour the surrounds, as it is breathtaking in its beauty.

But back to the game! Near Mt. Hood, you’ll discover the wonder of a perfect outing on a 27-hole golf course. The inspiring views won’t distract you, however, if you take on the challenge of the course. The golf courses at resort locations will let you play whether or not you are staying at the resort, with daily-fee play for visitors.

Other courses are located in the Hood River Valley. The surroundings there are just as beautiful if not more so than as described in any brochures. This area boasts lovely orchards and wineries that lend a special atmosphere to your visit. The views of Mt. Hood are spectacular from this area.

A few courses offer real challenges from the creeks or water that are on a number of the holes. The greens are some of the best. Wildlife loves this area, too, and you’ll see a variety. Then stop for refreshments before you play your next game.

A little over an hour away in Gresham, you’ll discover many golf courses to spark your sense of adventure. You’ll find 18-hole courses with three sets of tee boxes, driving ranges and discounted fees.

In Mount Angel, Oregon, about two hours from Mt. Hood, and in Gleneden Beach, Oregon, you’ll discover more fabulous courses. You’ll have some spectacular views of Mt. Hood from Mount Angel.

While you are in Oregon and enjoying the fabulous outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to play your favorite game of golf, and you should take advantage of it!