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Kayak, Canoe & SUP

Paddling a kayak or canoe along one of the rushing rivers or serene lakes in the shade of towering Mt. Hood will become part of an Oregon traveler’s once-in-a-lifetime memory.

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Providers These companies can get you there

  • Kayaking and canoeing the lakes and rivers of Oregon’s Mt. Hood territory provides endless, exciting adventure opportunity.
  • Abundant sources of rental equipment, guided tours, and outfitters can be found in Portland and Hood River to suit your kayak and canoe preferences.


Kayaking and canoeing the multitude of waterways crisscrossing the Mt. Hood National Forest and the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon provide endless adventures that can be appreciated by novices and seasoned boaters alike. Whether you prefer a quiet paddle across clear, still lake waters, or shooting Class IV rapids, you will find the kayak or canoe excursion you’re looking for in this scenic region.

Best Kayak and Canoe Spots

  • Mt. Hood Lakes: Kayakers or canoers will see stirring views of majestic Mt. Hood, wildlife, and even an occasional bald eagle while paddling the snow tarns around Mt. Hood, most notably Clear Lake, Lost Lake, Mirror Lake, and Trillium Lake.
  • River Trips: Seven rivers cut through the Mt. Hood territory, and many river segments—both gentle and whitewater—can be enjoyed via kayak or canoe. Popular rivers for kayaking and canoeing include the Hood River and its Upper Middle Fork; Salmon River; Sandy River; and White River.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Kayaking and canoeing are popular Oregon outdoor adventures, and travelers have a multitude of outfitters, guided tours, and rental equipment to choose from—the local businesses shown below provide a good starting point.