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Biking & Bike Rentals

Whether along cross-country or downhill ski trails, little-used logging roads, or paved backcountry lanes, Mt. Hood and the Hood River Valley are networked with fantastic biking opportunities—from mellow to extreme.

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  • Cycling opportunities abound around Mt. Hood and Hood River on roads and trails offering the spectrum of technical challenge.
  • Bike rentals are available at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl and other businesses near Mt. Hood and in Hood River.
  • Trailheads are clearly marked to indicate whether biking is allowed.


Mountain biking trails and road biking routes are plentiful in the National Forest surrounding Oregon’s Mt. Hood and in the Hood River Valley, at every level of technical challenge. Aside from the excellent, often strenuous physical exercise, biking Mt. Hood delivers a taste of the conifer-scented mountain air and an up-close view of some of the most beautiful scenery in the Pacific Northwest. Travelers can rent bikes at Mt. Hood Ski Bowl or at a host of cycle shops in the Mt. Hood Villages or Hood River.

Where to Bike around Mt. Hood

The Oregon mind-set places high value on conserving the environment and locals want to ensure that Mt. Hood retains its natural beauty. For that reason, no mountain biking is allowed within the designated National Wilderness Area perimeters. Each trailhead is clearly marked with a sign indicating which activities are allowed on that trail.

But there are still many choices for cyclists to get their legs and hearts pumping. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Old Salmon River Trail runs between Welches Road and the Salmon River; a 2.6-mile stretch can be biked. Open year-round but best between June-October.
  • Flag Mountain Trail is a 3.2-mile out-and-back trail with great views heading near Rhododendron. It’s open all year for moderate-difficulty biking.
  • Fifteen Mile Creek offers a grueling, highly technical ride for more advanced mountain bikers. This trailhead sits along Forest Route 49 east of Highway 35 toward Dufur.
  • The Historic Columbia River Highway is a favorite spot for bikers. Several sections of the road are now closed to vehicle traffic, forming a great setting for bike tours with lovely views of the Columbia Gorge.
  • Larch Mountain Cruise near Troutdale takes riders up a challenging incline to Crown Point, where the Gorge panorama is spectacular, then up to the 4,055-foot Larch Mountain Summit.
  • For the extreme biking set, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl opens some downhill runs to bikers during the summer months, and Ski Bowl’s Summer Adventure Park has 40 miles of bike trails. Read more about the Ski Bowl Mountain Bike Park.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Many road and mountain biking tours plus cycling outfitters are available around Mt. Hood and in the Hood River Valley, and this page offers a few options for visitors to explore. Some guided tours even shuttle participants from the Portland Airport.

Bike Trail Maps

  • Cascade Singletrack: Find detailed interactive maps and descriptions for many trails surrounding Mount Hood.
  • Mount Hood Territory: PDFs are available for download for nearby mountain biking trails and road biking routes.
  • Adventure Maps: Available for purchase, this map features an extremely detailed map of hiking, biking, and climbing areas near Mount Hood.