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Odell Oregon

Named for pioneer William Odell, the town of Odell, Oregon sits just south of Hood River along the famous Fruit Loop route; visitors sample local fruits from the valley’s thriving orchards.

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  • Odell, Oregon sits in the center of the scenic Fruit Loop drive through the Hood River Valley orchards.
  • Find this community 6 miles south of Hood River, west of Highway 35 at the Odell Junction.
  • The Hood River County Fairgrounds are situated here.


About 1,850 Oregonians populate the unincorporated community of Odell in the Hood River Valley, many of whom grow fruit in the golden orchards alongside the 35-mile circle of highway known as the Fruit Loop. Two large plants located here make Odell the valley’s largest fruit-packing and storing center.


Find Odell 6 miles south of Hood River between State Highways 35 and 281.


Odell has limited lodging, but its proximity to Hood River provide visitors access to all the amenities that city has to offer, including historic and modern hotels, fine dining, and the Full Sail Brewery.


  • The scenic Fruit Loop drive passes through Odell.
  • Fruit orchards set up roadside fruit and vegetable stands.


  • The Hood River County Fairgrounds are in Odell, offering the County Fair in July and the Gorge Fruit & Crafts Festival in September.
  • The Gorge White House is just north of Odell on Hwy 35; its Dutch Colonial architecture and locally-stocked gift shop are worth a visit.

Getting Here

Take Highway 35 south from Hood River to the Odell Junction and turn west to drive into Odell. Along the way, take a look at the beautiful fruit orchards and stop at a roadside fruit stand for a taste.