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Parkdale Oregon

Tiny, picturesque Parkdale sits at the base of Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest peak, providing some of the best scenery and historical interest the Cascades and the Hood River Valley offer.

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  • Parkdale may be small in size, but its amenities and attractions would suit a much larger town.
  • Located about 22 miles south of Hood River and 40 miles from Mt. Hood.
  • The Hutson Museum, Ries-Thompson House, and botanical gardens are some of Parkdale’s highlights.


Parkdale, Oregon’s population may be under 300, but what the town offers its visitors is much larger in measure. The century-old Mt. Hood Railroad has its terminus in Parkdale, right next to the Hutson Museum, a historical Hood River Valley landmark resting on a two-acre National Historic Site. The Ries-Thompson House, oldest Parkdale home built circa 1900, sits nearby on Baseline Road. Add the spectacular view of Mt. Hood and easy access to all of the mountain’s recreation, and Parkdale is a lovely place to visit.


Parkdale is located roughly halfway between Hood River and Mt. Hood, on Oregon Highway 35 (the Mt. Hood Highway).


Although Parkdale is very small, its convenient location close to both Hood River and Mt. Hood make it a popular vacation spot. The town has two hotels and three B & Bs. A steakhouse, deli, and café offer meals to the frequent pleasure travelers riding the Mt. Hood Railroad into town.


  • The historic Mt. Hood Railroad offers pleasure rides from Hood River to Parkdale daily from April – November.
  • Snow sports of every variety can be enjoyed around Mt. Hood.
  • Historical points of interest are found within Parkdale and in the Mt. Hood National Forest area nearby.


  • Hutson Museum houses exhibits illustrating the geologic, pioneer, and Native American heritage of the Mt. Hood region.
  • The Ries-Thompson House provides an example of early Northwestern architecture and lifestyle.
  • A small botanical garden featuring native plants sits near the Mt. Hood Railroad terminus.

Getting Here

Reach Parkdale by taking Highway 35 south from Hood River about 22 miles, or ride here on the scenic Mt. Hood Railroad tour. You’ll drive through the beautiful Hood River Valley orchards and vineyards, and enjoy the stunning vista of the Oregon Cascades with Mt. Hood in their center.