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Welches, Oregon, one of five communities designated the Villages of Mt. Hood, hosts the Mt. Hood area’s first and largest golf resort and provides hospitality to many guests seeking mountain recreation.

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  • Welches, Oregon in the Mt. Hood Villages is a popular stop for guests seeking mountain fun.
  • Mt. Hood’s first and largest golf resort is located in Welches.
  • Located between Wemme and Zigzag on U.S. Highway 26 near the Forest Route 18 intersection.


In 2006 five small communities nestled at Mt. Hood’s base voted to form a single census designation called the Villages of Mt. Hood. One of these towns, Welches, is home to a large golf course—the first built on Mt. Hood—and provides a base location for guests who come to vacation and play on the mountain.


Welches is situated in the Mt. Hood Corridor between Zigzag and Wemme on U.S. Highway 26.


Accommodations in Welches include two B & Bs, a golfing resort, and resort condominiums. The local coffee shop provides wi-fi access, and three restaurants offer various cuisine.


  • Proximity to the Mt. Hood slopes and National Forest offer visitors access to the whole range of outdoor mountain recreation.
  • The Salmon River Trail has its head just outside Welches, for hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.


Visit the Mt. Hood Visitor Information Center in Welches, your number one stop for mountain information.

Getting Here

Reach Welches from Hood River by taking the Mt. Hood Highway (OR Hwy 35) south to its junction with U.S. Highway 26, turning west and driving into the Mt. Hood Villages; Welches is close to the intersection of Highway 26 and Forest Route 18.