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Dufur Oregon

With its population of fewer than 600 people, little Dufur, Oregon provides tourists a taste of the central Oregon agricultural scene, complete with farming history and an annual Threshing Bee.

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  • Cozy Dufur sits between Mt. Hood and the Deschutes River, south of The Dalles on Highway 197.
  • Stay at a historic hotel and attend the annual Threshing Bee in early August.
  • Views of Mt. Hood and the farmlands surrounding Dufur paint a pretty, rustic picture.


The small Oregon town of Dufur sits about 13 miles south of the Columbia River Gorge in a basin of fertile farmland between Mt. Hood and the wild Deschutes River. This pretty little city exemplifies the rustic flavor of a rural Oregon farming community. The fruit orchards surrounding Dufur supply fresh apples, pears, and grapes to the local roadside fruit stands, and the area’s golden wheat fields are harvested in late summer.


Dufur is 13 miles south of The Dalles on Highway 197 and Dufur Mill Road.


Since Dufur is small, lodging and amenities are limited, but the town does have a historic hotel (built 1907) with 20 rooms and a suite, and The Dalles situated just 13 miles north provides further lodging choices.


Dufur’s quaint architecture and picturesque landscape make it a popular wedding location. On the second weekend in August, Dufur holds the annual Threshing Bee to celebrate its farming roots. Visitors to this festival can expect to see historic horse-drawn combines and threshers and steam tractors, and will enjoy sampling the fruits of the Dufur harvest.

Getting Here

From Hood River, take Interstate 84 east to The Dalles, then take Highway 197 south about 13 miles to Dufur. Enjoy the view of scenic Mt. Hood to the west, and the picture-postcard beauty of groomed farmlands nestled amid the rolling Cascade foothills.