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Government Camp Oregon

The unincorporated Oregon community known as Government Camp serves as a gateway to winter and summer recreation on regal Mt. Hood, the 11,249-foot crown jewel of the Oregon Cascades.

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  • Government Camp lies at Mt. Hood’s foot, near the junction of U.S. Highway 26 and Oregon Highway 35.
  • Three ski areas, a museum, and historic Oregon Trail spots are nearby.
  • Plenty of lodging, campgrounds, hiking trails, and dining are available in Government Camp.


In 1849 the Oregon Militia, caught in a sudden winter storm, was forced to abandon several wagons in Barlow Pass under Mt. Hood. When Oregon Trail pioneers found the wagons the following spring, they named the spot Government Camp. Today Government Camp is a thriving Oregon community that supports tourism and recreation on nearby stately Mt. Hood.


Within the Mt. Hood Corridor, Government Camp sits on U.S. Highway 26 near its junction with Oregon Highway 35 (the Mt. Hood Highway).


Although Government Camp is small, its convenience to Mt. Hood makes it a haven for ski vacation travelers. Some of the amenities in Government Camp include:

  • Twelve hotels, resort lodges, or vacation condo complexes.
  • Two B & Bs.
  • Six restaurants, a microbrewery, and a coffee shop.


Government Camp forms a gateway to Mt. Hood wintertime snow sports and summertime recreation. Summit Ski and Snow Bunny Snow Play Areas lie within the town limits, and two larger ski resorts (Timberline and Mt. Hood Ski Bowl) are close by. Campgrounds and hiking trails can be found near Government Camp to accent a summer visit.


  • Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest mountain at 11,249 feet.
  • Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum: Multimedia exhibits present the geologic, natural, environmental, and human history of Mt. Hood.
  • Historic Barlow Road cuts through Government Camp on Highway 26—see the Pioneer Woman’s Grave, the Barlow Tollgate, and other sites documenting the Oregon Trail.

Getting Here

To reach Government Camp from Hood River, take the Mt. Hood Highway (Hwy 35) south to U.S. Highway 26 and turn west. Mt. Hood’s eastern and southern faces will be prominently in view, as will scenes from the Mt. Hood National Forest and stops along the historic Oregon Trail.