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Rhododendron Oregon

If you’ve never seen rhododendrons in bloom, a treat is in store for you when you visit Rhododendron, Oregon in April—sitting in Mt. Hood’s shadow, Rhododendron was named for this lovely bloom. Read More

  • Rhododendron, named for the spring-blooming shrub, is located in the Mt. Hood Villages at the foot of Oregon’s Mt. Hood.
  • Although the town is small, visitors will find plenty of amenities here.
  • Proximity to the mountain offers access to all the outdoor recreation for which the area is so popular.


Rhododendron, Oregon at Mt. Hood’s foot is one of the small towns that comprise the Mt. Hood Villages. Originally named “Rowe,” this community eventually earned the label Rhododendron due to the large number of these ornamental shrubs growing naturally in the area. Rhododendron is close enough to Mt. Hood to serve as a perfect mountain vacation destination.


Located in the Mt. Hood Corridor, Rhododendron is situated between Government Camp and Zigzag on U.S. Highway 26 at Mt. Hood’s base.


Six lodging establishments, including lodges, a motel, and cabin rentals, are located in Rhododendron; visitors will find two full-service restaurants, a lounge, and a couple of coffee shops there too.


Rhododendron’s proximity to Mt. Hood and the Mt. Hood National Forest provide easy access to all the summer and winter outdoor recreation those natural wonders have to offer—skiing and snow sports, hiking, camping, boating, fishing, and more.


  • Mt. Hood and its scenic National Forest and Wilderness Areas are within easy reach of Rhododendron.
  • The rhododendrons usually bloom between late April and mid-May, and their showy blossoms are an example of true Oregon beauty.

Getting Here

From Hood River, take Oregon Highway 35 south to Highway 26 and turn west; drive through Government Camp to Rhododendron.