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George W Joseph State Park

The Columbia Gorge area of Oregon is home to a diverse array of State Parks and Natural areas. The floral and fauna of this area is unique and beautiful. Some of the Parks and Natural areas can be driven to, while others are only accessible via trials. The George Joseph State Park can only be accessed by using the trail from Latourell Falls and the Guy Talbot State Park.

To immerse yourself in an enchanted forest filled with sword fern, moss and lichens and thick, lush stands of timber take the hike from Latourell Falls and Guy Talbot State Park to the natural area of George Joseph State Park. The trail may seem to be dark and foreboding, but the sights and sounds of the darkened undergrowth in the thick forest is very rewarding. If you continue along the trail, you will be treated to an area, which is rarely visited – Upper Latourell Falls.

This is a day use area and no fee is charged. The favorite activities at George Joseph State Natural Area are hiking and wildlife and nature viewing. Come and enjoy a different view of the natural area that composes the Columbia River Gorge.

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