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Multnomah Falls

Don’t miss magnificent Multnomah Falls cascading down Larch Mountain—the nation’s second highest waterfall is the top tourist stop in Oregon, attracting more than 2 million visitors each year.

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  • Located about 30 miles east of Portland on Interstate-84.
  • Multnomah Lodge offers a Visitor’s Center, snacks, gift shop, and restaurant, all wheelchair-accessible.
  • Steep 1.2-mile hiking trail scales the falls to their source; two other trails are accessible at the top.


Born of underground springs originating atop Larch Mountain, ancient Multnomah Falls plunges 620 feet through spectacular flows of Yakima basalt. Multnomah is the second highest year-round falls in the U.S., and this awe-inspiring ribbon of water has become Oregon’s most popular tourist spot. Vantage points offered by a bridge crossing the falls’ base or a steep trail leading to the summit bring visitors close enough to feel Multnomah Falls’ pluming spray.

Location & Information

Multnomah Falls is visible from the I-84 highway. Traveling east on I-84, take Exit 31 to the freeway parking lot, or access the falls via the Historic Columbia River Highway by taking Exit 28. Traveling west on I-84, take Exit 31 to the freeway parking lot or Exit 35 to the Columbia River Highway.

Multnomah Falls Visitor Center is open daily all year from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm. For information, call (503) 695-2372.


  • Lovely stone Benson Bridge crosses in front of the falls, allowing great views and photographs.
  • The 1.2-mile hiking trail climbs about 600 feet to the Multnomah Falls summit, providing spectacular views of the falls and the Gorge.
  • From the top of the falls, two longer trails (6 miles to the top of Larch Mountain, or the 6-mile Wahkeena Loop) are accessible.
  • Multnomah Lodge, formed of Gorge rock, has an information center, snack bar, gift shop, and restaurant. (Overnight lodging was once available at the Lodge, but no longer.)

Fun Facts

During a cold winter, it’s not uncommon for Multnomah Falls to freeze, and the gargantuan icicle thus formed is wondrous to see.

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The Friends of Multnomah Falls group is dedicated to preserving the quality of Multnomah Falls.