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Klickitat River

The stunning Klickitat River, a large Columbia tributary, flows south from Tieton Peak through central Washington to its mouth near Lyle—just 10 miles NW across the Columbia from The Dalles, Oregon.

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  • The Klickitat River flows through wild, lonesome terrain in central Washington State.
  • Fishing, camping, hiking trails, and wildlife attract visitors.
  • The Klickitat flows into the Columbia near Lyle, Washington about 10 miles NW of The Dalles.


The Klickitat River, which runs through the high Lincoln Plateau area in central Washington State, is one of the beautiful natural attractions available within driving distance for travelers to Oregon’s Mt. Hood/Hood River region. Designated a Wild and Scenic Place in 1986, the Klickitat is one of Washington’s longest rivers, covering almost 75 miles of magnificent wilderness.

Like many of the Columbia’s tributaries, the Klickitat is popular for salmon, steelhead, and trout fishing; Native tribesmen still erect scaffolds over the river to fish as they have done for centuries. Several campgrounds dot the Klickitat’s banks, and lots of guided tours are available.

Location & Information

The Klickitat’s headwaters spring out of the High Cascades near Tieton Peak in the Yakima Indian Reservation. The river flows south across the Lincoln Plateau, through Klickitat County, to its confluence with the Columbia at Lyle, Washington, approximately 10 miles NW of The Dalles, Oregon. Washington Highway 14 bridges the Columbia at the Klickitat’s mouth.


  • Fishing, both fly and driftboat, for trout, steelhead, salmon, whitefish, and pout.
  • Hiking on the Klickitat Trail, which follows the river for nearly 30 miles on an abandoned railroad grade.
  • Camping: Five campgrounds with boat launches can be found along the Klickitat (Leidl, Soda Springs, Wahkiacus, and two Turkey Farm Campgrounds).

Fun Facts

Wildlife abounds along the Klickitat River, particularly near the Klickitat Wildlife Recreation Area. Visitors can expect to see deer and flocks of wild turkey, and should beware of rattlesnakes.

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