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Wind River

Wind River, which mouths on the Columbia River’s northern side, flows through Washington State from Mt. Adams to the Carson Valley, creating some of the most exciting whitewater rapids in the Northwest.

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  • Located in central Washington, Wind River flows south from Mt. Adams to the Carson Valley on the Columbia River.
  • Wind River is best known for its treacherous whitewater, with stretches of class IV and V rapids popular among the most daring rafters and kayakers.
  • Hiking trails, fly fishing, and camping are also available along the Wind.


Washington State’s Wind River springs from the foothills of Mt. Adams in the Cascade Range, and flows south through the Gifford Pinchot National Forest to its confluence with the Columbia in the Carson Valley. Much of the river’s deep gorge can be viewed by car from Wind River Highway, which runs along the river from the Lewis & Clark Highway 14 to Highway 12 at Randle. But Wind River is best known for its famed and treacherous whitewater—class IV, IV , and V rapids are almost continuous along one 12-mile stretch of the Wind.

Travelers to the area also can experience fly fishing, camping, and multiple hiking trails near and along Wind River.

Location & Information

The Wind River flows south from its origins under Mt. Adams, through central Washington’s Gifford Pinchot National Forest, to empty into the Columbia River in the Carson Valley near Carson Hot Springs. To reach the Wind River Highway from Hood River, cross the Columbia via the Hood River Bridge and turn west on the Lewis & Clark Highway (Hwy 14). Drive about 15 miles to the Wind River Highway junction.


  • White water rafting and kayaking; the classic put-in is near Stabler. This river is extremely hazardous, with several class V rapids, so guided tours are highly recommended.
  • Hiking: one of the most notable trails is Wind Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the Columbia River Gorge and the Wind River Valley.
  • Fly fishing for salmon, steelhead, and trout.
  • Campgrounds along the Wind include Moss Creek, Little Baldy, and Panther Creek.

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