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Touring Oregon wine country is an unforgettable experience. Because most of the wineries here are independent or family-owned businesses, the winemakers themselves often double as tasting room hosts. Oregon wine tours are well-known for their warm, hospitable approach to tasting, teaching, and proselytizing about some of the most elegant wines in the world. Read More

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Since the late 1960s and 70s, the Oregon wine industry has attracted more and more newcomers to its incredible Pinot noirs, sweet Rieslings, and burly Cabernets. Today, people come from all over the world to experience the incredible countryside and to taste the fruits of its labors. What they often find is a homey atmosphere, with many vineyards offering their own lodging. Tasting rooms double as classrooms, with incredibly knowledgeable staff, oftentimes the vintners themselves. Oregon winemakers are true artisans, yielding small batches of delectable, world-renowned wines. They are proud of what they produce, they love their jobs, and, perhaps most importantly, they love sharing their product with you.


Oregon boasts 15 federally-designated American Viticultural Areas, all of which house a different micro-clime, and therefore a different varietal focus. While Willamette Valley, designated in 1984, remains perhaps the best-known appellation, the rest of Oregon's wine country is not to be missed!