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With over 350 wineries and 15 federally-designated appellations, Oregon has become one of the fastest-growing areas for viticulture in the world. Yet Oregon wineries are distinctly different from the idea of a traditional, large-yield winery. Often independent or family-owned businesses, most wineries in Oregon grow up to 95 percent of their own grapes. With such a careful selection process, it's no wonder why Oregon wineries have made such an impressive mark on the wine industry. Read More

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Even the largest wineries in Oregon maintain a family-run, home-style approach to viticulture and wine production, which adds to the character and certainly the quality of the wine produced in the region. Most Oregon wineries choose to grow their own grapes and manufacture their wines in smaller batches. When grapes are purchased from outside an appellation, the greatest care is taken to ensure a better quality product. Despite its rising popularity, Oregon upholds a "quality over quantity" credo—only 1.5 million cases of wine were produced in the entire state in 2006. That is a very small number given there are more than 300 million people in the United States alone—and Oregon wines are consumed all over the world. Oregon wineries are very proud of their product, and are dedicated to upholding the quality of wines they are known for.