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Spokane Washington

It is no surprise that most people miss Spokane, Washington, off their travel itinery when planning a trip or vacation, thanks in part to the scruffiness of nearby towns. However, Spokane has an elegance all its own. Simply visiting it for its history can be a most enjoyable experience and one that should be done.

Most people bypass Spokane, Washington, simply because nearby towns are somewhat rough around the edges. Spokane is actually a hidden and elegant gem that should not be missed. Its history alone has much to offer, but unless you stop and look, you will never know. Your travel plans could easily be thwarted by lack of information and that wonderful trip or vacation may end up being lacking.

Spokane is near the border with Idaho, in eastern Washington State. Its architecture is a hotchpotch of late 19th century buildings, still showing their grandeur. However, a lot of the town was built over local silver mining instillations, some of which can still be toured during the summer season. Parks and other entertainment venues were established to relax the workers. These parks are still there and still very alluring. The Riverfront, which spreads over two of Spokane River's islands, hosted the World Fair in 1974. For a better view of the park, the nearby gondola ride offers a quick excursion, high above the town, and the views demand a look.

Other Spokane must sees include the Clark Mansion, Davenport and the history museum (regional). These are all conveniently located in the riverside area.