Things To Do & See On The Way To Mount Hood Oregon

Mount Hood Oregon
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Hood River, Oregon, 60 miles east of Portland, is easily reached via Interstate 84 and offers central access to two major metropolitan areas plus a diverse collection of quaint smaller towns and gorgeous Northwestern attractions.

Bend OR
Bend, Oregon sits east of Mt. Hood on the Deschutes River, nestled in a bowl-like valley surrounded with towering rainforest and the rugged snow-capped peaks of the Cascade Range.

Oregon Coast
Just 120 miles west of Hood River sits the Oregon Coast, whose sheer cliffs, long beaches, and rainforest climate have been compared to SE England and Canada’s Labrador shores. The Oregon coastline yields a smorgasbord of sightseeing, dining, and recreational surprises.

Spokane WA
A rich history, elegant architecture, and the site of the 1974 World’s Fair are some of the features recommending a visit to Spokane, Washington, located near the Idaho border in eastern Washington State.

Mt. Rainier Park
Majestic Mt. Rainier, which dominates the Seattle skyline on a clear day, sits NE of Mt. Hood. A visit to Mt. Rainier National Park’s northeastern face at sunrise provides stunning panoramic views of the Emmons Glacier, fields of mountain wildflowers, and the snowcapped Cascades.

Portland OR
Portland, Oregon characterizes the Pacific Northwest with its pioneer history, diverse architecture and cultural offerings, budding artist’s community, and schedule of unique Northwestern community festivals.

Willamette Valley
Oregon’s lush Willamette Valley, along the watershed of the mighty Willamette River, is the state’s prime growing region. Fresh fruit and vegetables, wine-tasting, and outdoor recreation are some of the valley’s multitude of attractions.

Olympic Park
Olympic National Park is located about 300 miles NW of Mt. Hood. Accessible only by Highway 101, Olympic Park’s amazing collection of old growth rainforest and spectacular views provides the spectrum of outdoor recreational pursuits.

Seattle WA
Seattle and neighboring/interlocking Tacoma, Washington are situated about 260 miles from Mt. Hood to the NW, on the banks of Puget Sound. Scenic and historic Seattle/Tacoma is marked with a bevy of attractions, including Fort Nisqually, Pike Street Market, Discovery Park, Pioneer Square, and the famous Space Needle.

Yakima WA
Yakima, Washington is the state’s largest city east of the Cascade Mountains and sits about a 1.5-hour drive NE of Mt. Hood. Distinct seasons and a unique historical base contribute to Yakima’s diverse palette of activities.

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