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Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park (Washington State) is accessible only by highway 101, but can be reached either from Seattle or as far as Mt. Hood, to the west. Most tourists spend hours making travel plans, and hoping to see everything in their short trip or vacation to the park. However, there is so much more than meets the eye.

Olympic National Park (Washington State), just east of Mt. Hood, can be easily accessed via highway 101. The majority of visitors make careful travel plans, hoping to experience everything they can on their short trip or extended vacation in the park. However, it is impossible to see everything, though some of the lesser known things can be seen on the drive up.

Varied splinter roads join up with the main highway, which only skirts the edges of the park, allowing access to campgrounds and other trails. Take as many photos as possible enroute because the rest of the way is hidden behind tall trees. As you enter the park, look left and right to see the ancient rainforest canopies of the Quinault and Hoh Rivers. Not far along, the first viewpoint at Hurricane Ridge opens up into a vast valley.

There are countless stops enroute; don hiking boots or grab a mountain bike. A lot of minor trails are also wheelchair friendly. If you have the energy, stop at information points that allow trail access to the park's beaches. Hot springs are also another roadway feature, but avoid ones with caution signs. These have been put in place for your safety!