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Mt. Hood attracts snowboarders from around the globe for training and fun, some with world-class skills; Pat Malendoski, designer of the 2002 Winter Olympics halfpipe, also designed Timberline’s pipe.

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  • Mt. Hood in central Oregon offers a huge variety of snowboarding possibilities, and even world-famous boarders enjoy its slopes.
  • Ski resorts provide pipes and terrain parks, while the backcountry offers more hard-core boarding entertainment.
  • Rentals, instruction camps, and outfitters are readily available nearby.


The picturesque cone of Mt. Hood’s 11,249 feet rising above the central Oregon rainforest is a welcome sight to members of the global snowboard community. Chosen as the spring training site for the U.S. Olympic snowboarding team in 2007, the slopes, parks, and pipes at Mt. Hood are a mecca for shredders and extremists from around the world.

Although some resorts are open for long winter seasons, snow and weather conditions point out early summer as the prime season to snowboard the Mt. Hood region.

Where to Snowboard Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood Meadows: Meadows features the 500-foot long, 18-foot high in-ground Super Pipe, plus six separate terrain parks shaped to reflect themes of the Oregon lifestyle. Enjoy rails, jibs, jumps, and rollers for every skill level.

Mt. Hood Ski Bowl: Ski Bowl provides full illumination allowing boarders to enjoy night boarding on jumps, rails, tree rides, rollers, and rail boxes until 10 pm daily (11 pm on Saturdays).

Timberline: Timberline, the only year-round ski resort in North America, is a snowboarder’s paradise. A variety of snowboard adventures and instruction camps can be found here.

Backcountry: Mt. Hood’s backwoods also offers a variety of moderate-to-extreme snowboarding routes. Some of the most interesting can be found near Mirror Lake and through Barlow Pass.

Guided Tours & Rentals

Snowboard rentals and instruction camps are available at the ski resorts and elsewhere on Mt. Hood, in Portland, and in Hood River (Oregon’s board sport capital); visitors are encouraged to explore the options shown on this page.