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Mountain Driving

There are many scenic wonders in the Columbia River Gorge including waterfalls, fields of wildflowers, rugged, sheer cliffs, and snowcapped mountain peaks as well as many wonderful river views. There are numerous scenic drives along the River and south from Hood River toward Mount Hood. Take any one of these scenic drives and completely immerse yourself in the most picturesque scenery in the Northwest. Read More

The most important thing about taking a mountain drive or a scenic route is to relax and enjoy the views. However, prior to starting out on any road trip, it is advisable to make sure that both you and the vehicle you are driving are prepared to handle high mountain passes, narrow roadways, steep inclines, and other slow moving traffic and wildlife.

  • When visiting the mountains take along a road atlas or any of the many local and regional maps – know where you are headed
  • Be sure your vehicle's brakes, pads and tires are in good condition.
  • Check to see you have plenty of fuel, most of the greatest drives are thru the National Forest, and fuel is only available in towns and on well-traveled highways outside the National Forest.
  • Please turn off the DVD players, radios etc. and show the kids what the other world really looks like.
  • Cell phones aren't always reliable and their use is a safety issue.
  • If it's raining slow down, if it's snowing or icy try to stay off the roadway.
  • On sunny days, the vistas are breath taking though some summer days produce that hazy smoky mountain look causing a decrease in visibility. Drive carefully if visibility is deceased.
  • If mountaintops are hidden by clouds, you are not going to see mountain views yet a drive thru the clouds is a wonderful experience as long as it's not raining, snowing or icy.

Even though high mountain roads can be intimidating to some visitors and sightseers, it is a wonderful way to spend a day enjoying the natural surroundings. Investigate one of the many scenic mountain drives in the Hood River/Mount Hood area.

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