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The area around Mount Hood, Oregon is so spectacular that it has been designated a National Scenic Area. This is a great place for a wonderful family vacation any season of the year. There are a multitude of things to do in the area and the cost to enjoy it all is reasonable. Planning ahead allows you to take advantage of family vacation package pricing.

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You can enjoy the Hood River area of the scenic Columbia River Gorge any season of the year. Pack up the family and/or friends and make the trip to Hood River. Nearby is Mount Hood, which at 11,235 feet is the tallest peak in Oregon. In the winter it is great for skiing and enjoying all types of snow related activities. In the summer, hikers, mountain climbers, anglers, boaters and wildlife viewers are attracted to its slopes.

Beaches can be a great place to visit on a family vacation because they offer you a variety of activities to choose from. Hood River is located directly on the Columbia River and has access to several river beaches. Your family can enjoy a picnic, you can search for treasures washed up by the water, you can play beach games or you can go into the water.

Hood River is close to over a dozen lakes. Lakes can be a great family vacation destination. Here you can swim, boat, ski or soak in the water. You can also check out the possibility of taking a rafting trip. This, too, is great fun for the entire family.