Hood River Oregon Live Music, Theatre, Concerts


Live Music & Theatre

Hood River is the home of a very active community theater group – The Creative Attention-Seeking Thespians (CAST). This group along with others, like the The Dalles Theatre Company, provides many opportunities to enjoy both theatrical and musical activities in the area. Conveniently located on the Columbia River and near Mount Hood, Hood River boasts several venues for music and theater presentations.

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Other Resources
  • Clackamas County Arts Alliance
    Clackamas County Arts Alliance promotes performing, visual and literary arts in the community.
  • Columbia Gorge Arts in Education
    Columbia Gorge Arts in Education is an organization that strives to encourage performing, visual and literary arts in schools.
  • Leavenworth Theater
    Leavenworth, Washington puts on a popular summer theater program.
  • Mt. Hood Jazz Festival
    Mt. Hood Jazz Festival is an annual event that takes place every August in the Mount Hood area.
  • Sandy Actors Theatre
    The Sandy Actors Theatre encourages local residents to enjoy theatrical performances in the Columbia River Gorge.