Oregon Bounty Statewide Celebrations


Oregon Bounty Celebrations

Come November, and the whole of Oregon is alive with wine tasting, hazelnut pancake sampling and pub-crawling. It is time for the Oregon Bounty Celebration, where you can also sample Oregon's luscious pears and cheese. Try out the lip smacking cuisines from the most famous local chefs. You are sure to love it at the Oregon Bounty Celebrations.

  • Each week represents a new food group to highlight
  • Festivities run from September to November 
  • Enjoy beer, fish, fruits and nuts

Overview: Central Oregon's Bounty celebration includes a few of the best wineries of the area, their vintage wines that are offered for tasting along with complimentary sampling of pears, hazelnuts and cheese. The Bounty celebration in Oregon lasts all through the months of September, October and November when people from neighboring states also come to here to become a part of the festivities.

When: From early September to min November

Where: All over the Hood River area

Fees: Prices vary from one place to the next

Details: Select any region that you may like and enjoy the Oregon Bounty Celebration. Travel down roads you have never driven, dine at restaurants featuring distinctive Oregon Bounty foods and if luck favors, visit some of the finest wineries to taste the wine they offer.

Each week represents a new food bliss from beer week to fish week to shellfish week and beyond. Your palette won't be bored during this fall festival.

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